How James Hurst from GHL Bounty Hunters Leveraged The Power Global Support Solutions

How James Hurst from GHL Bounty Hunters Leveraged The Power Global Support Solutions

Meet James Hurst: The Prolific Go High-Level Architect

In today’s world, many seek the freedom that comes with agency ownership, and with the rise of digital platforms, the possibilities are endless. One such individual who has taken advantage of this opportunity is James Hurst, a high-level architect and host of The Marketing Show podcast that provides amazing insights. 

With his expertise in profile funnels, lead magnets, SEO, lead generation, and automation, he has become one of the most prolific people in the industry. As a renowned figure in the GHL group, he has always been at the forefront of helping people out.

His mantra for becoming an agency owner is “be perpetually driven to make money without actually being there.” Let’s dive into James Hurst’s journey, his approach to avoiding the grind, and how he became a leader in the recurring affiliate and SAAS revenue space. Let’s explore his story and learn from his successes and challenges.

James Hurst and His Marketing Strategy

James Hurst is a go, high-level architect, GHL guru, and problem solver. He has made it his mission to help people in digital marketing by providing insightful answers to their questions. James understands that when people seek his expertise, it benefits them and challenges him to expand his knowledge and improve his work.

James has positioned himself as an industry expert by being a valuable resource, resulting in a steady stream of inbound leads. This has allowed him to leverage his resources and gain more leads, making him one of the most sought-after experts in digital marketing.

One of the strategies James uses to attract leads is through lead magnets. He often gets these from Facebook groups where people seek solutions to their problems. By offering a solution to their problem, James can attract leads that are more likely to convert into paying customers.

Furthermore, James is continually building workflows and systems to make booking appointments easier for his followers. He understands that time is a valuable commodity, and by streamlining the booking process, he can provide a better customer experience, leading to higher conversions.

James picked out the GHL niche because he identified a lack of support and saw an opportunity to provide value. He also recognized the potential in the affiliate bonus and focused on building his personal brand, which has progressed more as word got out. His expertise and insights have made him a sought-after expert in the industry.

James Hurst’s Podcast The Marketing

James Hurst sought his inspiration to start his own podcast when we came across Dave Ramsey’s podcast; he knew the ins and outs of the show and how he followed a similar strategy of answering questions. He saw the value in Ramsey’s approach to answering questions and realized there was a need for a similar podcast in digital marketing.

James now believes ”there is no question too small if someone is there to answer it.” After several successful shows, he knew this was the one job he did enjoy. He also expanded his brand by adding value to his audience. With his podcast, he aimed to provide valuable insights and solutions to the problems faced by his audience.

After several successful shows, James realized that this was the job he enjoyed the most. He expanded his brand by adding more value to his audience. His podcast now covers a wide range of topics, including profile funnels, lead magnets, SEO, lead generation, and automation. He is continually adding more value to his podcast, and his audience is growing rapidly.

Tap Into The Global Workforce with James Hurst

James Hurst is not just a problem solver and expert in digital marketing but also a proactive individual who is always ready to take on new challenges. By being a valuable resource to his followers and continually improving his processes, he has established himself as a leader in the industry. His story inspires anyone looking to build a successful business in the digital marketing space.

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