On this podcast, we were thrilled to be joined by Andrew Cass, CEO of his own SaaS company, a CRM program for small businesses called Pipeline Pro. Andrew played a big part in streamlining RepStack and has been a good friend and mentor of mine for quite some time. A veteran sales expert, he transitioned from a successful career in sales to investment banking all while becoming a business owner and author of the bestselling book, Sales Velocity. Andrew is a perfect example of how the only limits in life are the ones you set on yourself.

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There are many digital marketing agencies that are crushing it today thanks to Andrew’s years of experience as a sales expert and the strategies he’s put together to guide other companies on the sales side. After a football injury his senior year in college, Andrea knew he needed to become serious about what career he was going to have as his athletic career was starting to come to an end. Graduating with a degree in Business Management, he quickly took an interest in sales. 

Andrew first cut his teeth in sales back in 1995 before the internet. With his outside sales position, his area Rhode Island and clients already in place, he was able to experience the benefits of the position with a company car and even one of those big cellphones you could have in the car. 

But Andrew didn’t really learn the foundation for sales until he became an investment broker for Wall Street. Condensing his experience with sales, he would be on the telephone all day cold calling to get to the business owners and decision-makers he wanted to connect with. That’s where the big sales training came for him. 

The key elements discussed in this podcast include: 


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