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Fuel Your Marketing Engine & Stand out as An Agency Owner ft. Nicholas Spindel

Don’t know how to get started? Learn how CEO of WTF Nicholas Spindel scaled FAST!

When Nicholas Spindel CEO of WTF ‘Where’s The Food Truck’ put down his plan for an app, he knew it was time to work on something that would allow him to do what most agency owners wish they could–their own grind! His app modeled an agency process – With the support of a team he was able to set up a structure and streamline the processes.

Most agency owners don’t know how to get started. But for Nicholas, his innovative idea identified the key pain point in the food industry and brought forth a solution for all. He believed his idea was unique and had great potential for growth so he scaled FAST!

As an agency owner, you need to make your clients understand what you bring to the table by addressing their needs – So Communicate Value First! Where’s The Food Truck simply spoke: “Easy access to food trucks” which was the USP ‘Unique Selling Proposition’ that made his app stand out from the competition.

Turning conception into reality: Developing WTF

For WTF, Nicholas knew he had to do more than just invest big or have strong connections for his app’s vision to come true, so he sourced a team. Not only were they able to build out some great features for the SAAS-based app, but also improved it dramatically. 

His strategy to outsource the work paid off as he sought similar apps and reached out to owners. It was because of a great team that made this happen in just six months, with an idea put into practice within less than one year from launch time! 

With his drive to make it work, he generated funding and was keen on making the app grow 10X across all US states.

Fuel your Marketing Engine  

Nicholas shares his advice for all new startup owners on how to market their business after providing years of ‘consistent’ service, here’s how you can grow your business.

  • Advertising to your Target Audience 

“Nail down the process for your end user”

Using economic concepts of demand and supply, Nicholas mentions how acquiring both food trucks as supply and customers or end users as demand is crucial to making this mechanism work. So his focus at WTF would be to place as many food trucks on the platform so they could be made available for the customers. 

Not only this to enhance the process WTF focuses on both customers and vendors. So, in a nutshell, Increase your Brand Awareness for Sustainability.

  • Using a Sales Assistant to 10X growth

When it came to Marketing for WTF Nicholas mentioned how one of the best ways is by using Sales Assistants. The best way to have a successful business is by making sure you’re reaching out and connecting with your clients. This allows you to turn your cold leads into warm ones and start building relationships with potential customers right from day 1!

Nicholas had the opportunity to make use of a Sales Assistant for WTF. Once the basic marketing structure was ready, he was able to equip his processes with a Sales Assistant. Then he could convert his cold leads into warm leads.

Retaining your clients 

Once Nicholas made the Sales process at WTF more streamlined, he consistently worked towards adding value-added features to the app. He also added an Account Management team to help improve processes along the way so that no one falls through the cracks. 

Outbound Salespeople provide this service, but they can’t do it alone. An Account Manager makes sure that all the clients are happy.

His WHY behind starting the app

When it comes to starting a new business, there are a lot of factors to consider. But one of the most important questions is: why are you doing it? 

So what’s the WHY behind starting the app? For Nicholas his motivating factor was having a genuine interest in helping others, he saw the opportunity in the food trucking industry, realized the lack of resources, and decided to fill the need in this niche.

The app has helped to provide a backbone to the industry by providing a one-man job for all the services. It has also been instrumental in helping food truckers grow their business by giving better access to customers.

Scale FAST as an Agency Owner

Nicholas Spindel’s story is an inspiring one for any entrepreneur starting out in the agency business. By taking the time to understand his client’s needs and developing a process that would help him scale fast, he was able to create a successful app business. 

If you’re looking to start your own agency, remember to communicate value first and make sure you have a process in place that can help you grow.

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