The Importance of Continuous Learning in Digital Marketing ft. Jason Lockhart

Broaden your Marketing Horizons with Jason Lockhart

As a professor in the architecture field, Jason Lockhart knew he could apply his skills to help others. After being called to teach digital marketing as an instructor, He quickly realized that in order to be an effective teacher, he needed more knowledge of the field. In order to widen his knowledge base, he began attending conferences on SEO, web development, and social media marketing. 

His was not a typical agency journey – he was not in a rush or urgent to increase his clients but took things slowly by understanding his market well. He spoke to over 400 business owners in the remodeling architecture and interior design space; identified any market gaps before he actively began to pursue the path to his own agency. 

Just as fire trickles from a water hole. There was an explosion of information about digital marketing for the architectural industry in his hands. As an architect who had both knowledge and hands-on experience in helping others in the field, he began his generalist agency in 2013. It was not until 2020 that he niched down so he could scale up faster!

Today, Kitchen & Bath Marketing solutions is a B2B marketing agency with a  mission to provide digital marketing solutions with a focus on value, results, and customer service.

Jason’s journey from architect professor to top digital marketer

Jason’s transition from being an architect professor to a marketer was not without its challenges. One major difficulty was managing multiple projects at once; this led him to make mistakes often but after having a team in place he was able to surpass this.  Today, He is able to close deals like a top-notch digital marketer!

The agency journey is not without struggles. Jason knows he has come a long way since repositioning his brand and closing his first successful sales deal. Since then he has worked on enhancing the quality of his agency’s services with each new project that comes along. 

Jason shares some key tips that he learned on his agency journey with us:

1. Your net worth is in your network

We all know that our net worth is important, but what about our network? Just like our bank account, our relationships are a valuable asset. The more people we know and the more connected we are, the more opportunities we have. So how do we build up our network?

It’s not as hard as you might think!

Here are a few ways you can expand your network:

  1. Join social media groups related to your industry or interests. 
  2. Attend industry events and meet-ups. 
  3. Reach out to people you admire and ask for advice or mentorship.
  4. Get involved in your local community and volunteer your time or expertise.

Jason says ‘whether you work with us or not we have information that can help you grow your business now’

When you help out others and actively present them with solutions, you’ll gradually build authority for yourself in the industry. This kind of networking will open more doors to success than you may think. So, when you help others to reach their goals, you’re one step closer to yours!

Additionally, Jason hosted interactive sessions where he talked about SEO, web development, and social media – and focused on being resourceful. This helped his agency grow as he was proactively providing solutions to others in the architectural marketing space.

2. Capitalize on your USP – ‘Unique Selling Point’

Capitalizing on your Unique Selling Point, or USP is the key to differentiating yourself from the competition and attracting more business. What makes his agency journey unique is his expansive knowledge and practical experience that he used to provide solutions to his clients.

Despite being an architect by trade, Jason knew his niche well but did not jump headfirst into the agency journey without conducting extensive research in the field. His passion for marketing and relentless pursuit of knowledge is what sets him apart from the competition.

Take inspiration from Jason, and don’t forget to do the groundwork before you start your agency journey!

3. Develop a plan for your team

A plan gives your team a sense of purpose and motivation. Without one, it can be difficult to maintain focus and direction. By setting achievable goals, you can help your team to better understand their roles and how they fit into the overall picture. 

This can in turn lead to improved performance and results. In addition, having a plan in place provides a valuable point of reference for measuring progress and assessing performance. 

It can also help to identify areas where further development is needed. Ultimately, a well-designed plan can be the key to unlocking your team’s full potential.

Jason Lockhart’s Journey from Educator to Digital Marketing Expert

You can achieve anything you put your mind to – even if it’s something that typically takes years to accomplish. Jason Lockhart is proof of this, as he only began his digital marketing agency a few short years ago. 

While most people in the field become agencies so they can quickly increase their client list and make more money, Jason took a different route. He realized that in order to be an effective teacher and agency owner, he needed more knowledge of the field.

So instead of rushing into things, he took his time to learn all he could about digital marketing from various conferences. This allowed him to build his business with Intention and provide excellent solutions for clients – which is evident in his success today.

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