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The Secret to Winning Clients: How Steven Castronova of Social Aim Solutions Built His Reputation

Build out systems and processes with Steven Castronova of

Steven Castronova owns not one but two digital marketing agencies: Nurture2profit and socialaimsolutions. He started three years ago when he traded his 9-5 for agency ownership. 

His journey began with a simple partnership with a YouTuber. Now, he leads a client-centric agency focusing on custom solutions and coaching for improving business systems. He details his services, where he helped build automation, snapshots, and more in youtube niche-related campaigns. 

Through years of experience, he has become well-versed in the inner workings of agency operations and has grown his business to significant profitability.

How Coaching & Mentorship can get you Agency Success

One of the key advantages of coaching is that it can provide an agency with the knowledge and expertise necessary to make more informed hiring decisions. Most coaches who are well-experienced in the digital marketing realm have gained credible insights into what works and what doesn’t.

Similarly, when it comes to coaches specializing in hiring, they can teach agency owners and managers how to identify the specific skills and attributes needed for success in their particular industry and how to evaluate candidates based on these criteria.

Helping agencies identify and hire the right people can reduce the overall cost of hiring. This is because hiring mistakes can be incredibly costly in time and money. When agency owners make bad hires, they often have to go through the entire hiring process again, which can be time-consuming and expensive.

Another perspective is retention; when the right people are retained at your agency, you can rest well knowing your systems are working, and there will be no hiccups inside your agency regarding growth.

Overall, it is clear that coaching can be a valuable tool for agency businesses. By helping agencies to hire and retain the right employees, coaches can help to reduce hiring costs, increase productivity, and improve overall business performance. Working with a coach could be an excellent option if you are an agency owner or manager looking to improve your hiring processes and maximize your business’s potential.

Gauge your client’s needs and then specify your agency goals.

Steven’s strategy to get clients is simply where organic referrals are; he highlights how he provides them with customized solutions. He is confident that his agency’s reputation speaks for itself, and he has been fortunate enough not to market it as much.

Here are his three takeaways from his agency journey:

  • Providing upfront value: How to build funnels and set up CRMs and automation.

Steven Castronova provides upfront value to his clients in various ways. One of the ways his agency does this is by offering guidance on how to build funnels, CRM systems, and automation tools. This valuable service can help businesses streamline their operations and improve their overall efficiency. By providing this upfront value, Steven ensures his clients benefit from his agency’s expertise, even before they sign up for its services.

  • Strategic Hiring Decisions that lead to reduced costs

Another valuable service Steven provides is guidance on how to hire people without breaking the bank. This is an important consideration for businesses of all sizes and can be a significant pain point for many business owners. By offering this service, Steven ensures that his clients can access the best possible talent at a reasonable cost. This not only helps his clients save money but it also helps them build a strong, competent team that can drive their business forward.

  • Outbound Sales: When to get more clients in your pipeline

Finally, Steven’s agency, Social Aim Solutions, also places a strong emphasis on outbound sales. Many businesses need help with this crucial part of any digital marketing strategy. By providing clients with a system that keeps them in the funnel, Steven’s agency helps them generate consistent leads that can be converted into sales. This keeps his clients happy and helps his agency build a strong reputation in the industry.

Custom Solutions that are a right fit for your agency’s needs 

Steven Castronova has been there and done; he’s experienced all new agency owners’ hurdles. His advice to agency owners is to focus only on one thing at a time and not get overwhelmed by trying to do everything at once. Growth is always gradual, and you can reap the rewards as your progress. However, don’t underestimate working with a coach who gets you ahead of the game.

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