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Time Doctor: The Ultimate Tool for Remote Team Management and Accountability

Time Doctor: The Ultimate Tool for Remote Team Management and Accountability 

In 2020, Covid-19 ushered in a new era of remote work for many teams. Many had to reconsider the execution of day-to-day work in a societal system. For some, it even marked the start of an entirely different way to do business that allowed individuals to enjoy more flexible hours and freedom while remaining productive. 

RepStack followed a similar trajectory with its inception in 2020. However, adopting the concept of being a full-time remote still came with its challenges: What measure of accountability should be there to make team members more credible?

Hence, RepStack embraced Time Doctor– a time-tracking software that helps monitor tasks and track time; one of the most popular time-tracking and productivity-monitoring tools out there.

Time Doctor is one example of how RepStack embraced the concept of accountability within its remote work environment – a powerhouse combo that keeps teams transparent boosts performance and ensures growth assistants stay productive. 

Let’s give you a walkthrough of how Time Doctor has helped digital marketing staffing agencies like RepStack establish themselves and make their way toward growth.

How Time Doctor Empowers RepStack’s Transparent Culture 

Time Doctor is an invaluable tool for remote-based businesses like RepStack. Athar Siddiqui – Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of RepStack have implemented the use of Time Doctor across his whole team.

He calls it a ‘Backbone’ for full-time remote RepStack that has been able to develop positively because of maintaining transparency at the core of its culture since day one.

“There’s always this question, I’m paying for eight hours a day, am I getting eight hours a day? I’m like, nobody gets eight hours a day. But just for the satisfaction of our clients, They can go in and check any given time, in real-time. It gives them comfort, right? And it gives my clients an insight into what their employees are doing, and gives me the insight of what my employees are doing, managing up.”

It’s common knowledge that clients come as a priority to any agency owner. Time Doctor has been instrumental in RepStack’s Client Retention:  providing clients with real-time data about their employees’ productivity levels for better management of deadlines or goals.

This type of insight can help employers make sure that their teams are getting eight hours of work each day – something that is often difficult to verify with remote workers.

How Time Doctor Helps Remote Teams Stay on Track and Enhance Work Performance

For a deeper insight, Time Doctor also allows employers to track how long tasks take, and which projects get done on time, and helps them identify if any are falling behind schedule.

Here’s how Time Doctor helps remote teams stay on track

  • Monitor progress of  project deadlines in real time
  • Encourages accountability to make sure tasks are completed efficiently and on time
  • Employers can track important metrics such as total hours worked per day or week

This powerful software allows managers to see exactly what their employees are working on at any given time as well as spot areas where processes could be improved or tasks divided differently among team members for faster results.  

When it comes to accountability, Time Doctor ensures that both parties can validate the work that is being done at the end of the day to avoid any conflicts in a seamless workflow and even compensate accordingly.

Boost Your Work Team’s Performance with Time Doctor

Time Doctor’s user-friendly dashboard is designed for easy access from any device so employers don’t need any special software training or technical skills to use it effectively. 

The dashboard allows users to quickly create reports that illustrate how projects are progressing as well as view detailed timesheets and graphs so they can identify areas where employees could be more productive or efficient with their workflows.

It even has built-in notifications so employers are notified immediately when milestones have been achieved or if tasks aren’t being completed as expected so adjustments can be made right away – saving valuable time and resources in the process! 

Overall, Time Doctor is a powerful resource for remote businesses striving for greater efficiency while reducing costs associated with managing staff remotely. With its real-time insights into employee activity, managers have the power to keep an eye on progress while making sure tasks are completed on time every single time.

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