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Traits That Separate Successful Agencies From Unsuccessful Ones Ft. AJ Cassata


Azhar Siddiqui & AJ Cassata

Traits that separate successful agencies from unsuccessful ones

In this episode featuring AJ Cassata who is a B2B sales pro with his sales consultation agency that focuses on helping digital marketing agencies grow their sales quickly. AJ is a sales consultant who helps agencies & B2B entrepreneurs systemize their client acquisition and scale faster than ever. We discuss the key traits that separate successful agencies from unsuccessful ones. You’re going to want to hear this one! 

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We talk about the 9 steps of getting out of the vicious circle of being overworked and not seeing the progress you desire to earn 7 figures a year. The skills that got you to where you are now are different from those that are going to take you to the next level. This episode covers what all successful agency owners are doing today, and what they had to do to get over roadblocks. 

The key elements discussed in this podcast include: 

  • How successful agency owners adapt quickly to new challenges. 
  • How to step back and delegate tasks to other team members. 
  • How successful agency owners provide consistent customer service at all times through hiring Virtual Account Managers for digital marketing agencies.
  • The importance of focusing on a niche instead of running in every direction trying to excel. Instead, excel in that one particular area. 
  • How to find a good Virtual Assistant and how to bring the best out of your new hire. 

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Oct 21, 2021

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Oct 21, 2021


Azhar Siddiqui & AJ Cassata


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Oct 21, 2021


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