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Upscale Your Marketing Agency with High Level Ft. Shaun Clark

High Level’s jump to success with Shaun Clark

In the two years Shaun Clark, co-founder of High Level, started his agency, he has seen tremendous success. Indeed the path towards success was not without its challenges! As the agency was snowballing, he scaled his business by growing the team, hiring new talent, and keeping everyone onboard as they advanced towards building a sizeable formal organization.

Shaun Clark started as a software developer. He quickly learned that consumers seek consistency in products or services instead of constantly updated features. When he began operating in the world of digital marketing, it became clear to him that these people were more ‘communal’ than ever. 

High Level grew organically through its solid customer base; it is now a billion-dollar company. 

In conversation with RepStack’s co-founder, Azhar Siddiqui, Clark shared insights on High level’s marketing strategy, business development, and how they got to where they are now. 

We have compiled the key takeaways from RepStack’s Podcast to help grow your agency. 

Find your niche, stick to it, and excel in it!

Suppose you are spreading yourself too thin in digital marketing efforts, trying to target too many different niches simultaneously, and not seeing the results you’d hoped for. In that case, it may be time to focus on one niche. Picking a niche and really zeroing in on what that particular niche wants and needs can help give your digital marketing efforts the boost they need. 

Digital marketers and business owners should stick to their niche. Specializing in a particular area helps to excel in their competitive industry.

Outsource and Delegate your work 

If you’re an agency owner, you know the challenges of micromanaging an expanding agency that houses more than 100 + employees. 

The mantra is to resolve it by unburdening yourself because the digital era made division of labor easy – So outsource and delegate today!

You can hire qualified individuals. Such as, Customer Success managers that are responsible for retaining clients by helping them focus on the customer. Or support teams accountable for increasing sales. And even recruiters seek the right fit for your agency’s requirements. 

If you’re still on the fence about outsourcing, learn how it can elevate your agency to success!

Build your Team

Outsourcing allows you to build an incredible team. You can hand-pick individuals who are experts in their field and who you know will be able to convert sales and deliver results. The team is “covering the 360 degrees of your sales and marketing.”

Also, because they are full-time, you can be confident that they will be highly competent and deliver on their promises.

With the help of an efficient hiring process that finds exceptionally brilliant candidates, he is working to increase the size of his team. This continually changing dynamic strives for individuals to learn to be professionals in the digital marketing world.

Grant Implicit Recognition 

When you outsource, you also gain implicit recognition. Because when you hire someone to do a job, you essentially say that you trust the skills and abilities of your employee, and “experience counts, and individuals will continue doing one thing based on their skill set” Shaun says.

It is a great boom to your agency’s success as it will help you build trusting relationships with clients and customers.

Experiment with your Marketing

Finally, the key away for marketing agencies is to outsource the talent and experiment with their marketing. 

Try different social media platforms and CRMs like HighLevel, which helps you manage a business through creating outreach campaigns, follow-up, two-way texting, pipeline, scheduling, landing pages, managing leads, and so much more. 

See what works best for your business. Connect with a target audience and get your name out there.

If you’re looking to speed up your growth process, the fastest way to do this is with strategic partnerships or joint ventures. Among effective organic marketing, ‘word of mouth’ worked best for Shaun inside his business.

Scale your agency fast!

If you are starting a digital marketing agency, or are experiencing rapid growth in your current business, take notes from successful business owners like Shaun Clark. 

High level has now formulated sustainable marketing solutions for other marketing agencies and earned a name in the industry. 

It was not overnight but with consistent effort and hard work. And to achieve such success and streamline the procedures while accomplishing the goals. Keep your team onboard and growing with purpose. You, too, can succeed in the dynamic digital marketing world.

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