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Why Starting with Marketing is Easier ft Ryan Davis

Your Choices as an Entrepreneur: How They Can Make or Break Your Success!

Here’s what no one else tells you about being an agency owner – You can start a marketing agency with next to no money’ says Ryan Davis, Founder of ServiceLegend Ex Davis Construction Marketing.  It’s all about knowing what your clients need and want and being able to deliver results that exceed their expectations. If you can do that, you’ll be well on your way to success!

When Ryan decided to work towards starting his own agency, he knew that the marketing side had a lower threshold compared to the coating industry. Despite having a competitive edge over others by knowing his niche well, he found it much easier to thrive by providing marketing services.

Nonetheless, Ryan contributes his success to his family who also shares the core responsibilities with him that lets the agency run smoothly. He’s finally grateful to practice freedom and devotes time to his family. It was only back then when Ryan used to be the only one setting up campaigns for his business but now he has a team that helps to lead the agency toward its long-term growth.

ServiceLegend has grown monumentally in a short period of time, It’s a success that can be well attributed to Ryan thinking on his feet by leaning towards the marketing side that held better prospects. Today, Ryan Davis is delivering excellent results for his clients by scaling his team and systems as an agency owner.

Avoid being the bottleneck in your agency journey

Ryan grew his agency by doing the first hires by himself and even conducting the sales for the first 6 months of his agency journey. He had put together his team of talented people – those who were responsible for video editing, website design, SEO, Running Facebook ads and automation, etc.

After he was able to develop the processes for his agency, he could delegate all the work. With this freedom as an agency owner, he could put more thought into what needed the most work – His agency’s growth.

Here are some words of advice from Ryan Davis that you can also integrate into your agency journey.

  • Invest in yourself – Create a domino effect!

Invest in yourself by cultivating a learning ability and joining consultancy programs that aid you on the road to self-discovery. This will allow for the exponential growth of your skillset, which can then be used as momentum at work or within agency initiatives, leading to more success!

Here’s how you can do this: Take the lead right from the start if you want to grow. Pick up a training course that helps this growth. If you are inspired to build yourself and your agency, all you have to do is invest in yourself. Even as an employee, one should be well informed about the positive or negative impact you’re working can have on the agency’s future.

Even though it may some agencies some substantial time to grow fast, Ryan saw excellent growth in his agency when he took on Josh Nelson’s coaching program.

  • Why niching down can transform your agency for the best ROI

Niche selection is one of the most important decisions you’ll make in your agency journey. Finding a niche can be crucial to getting ahead and staying there!

This not only makes it easier for the clients to understand you but also for you to identify your ideal clientele! In turn, you can then market your services much easier to appeal to the ideal customer without making it complicated. 

Finding your niche can be one of the most critical steps toward propelling speedy growth in your agency journey. Ryan says ‘there’s only going to be a certain amount of people in a certain niche’

Ryan gives his props to the time he considered niching down – That’s when he could focus on the type of concrete business such as coating. He managed to convert his agency into a successful business by niching down.

  • Your Virtual Assistant is a part of your team!

Having a Virtual Assistant doesn’t only mean they will do only as you ask them to do, they can take on any challenges you throw at them and even multi-task to bring you exceptional results.

Take this to illustrate how a VA dedicates its time to cover your agency’s tasks. Your Virtual Assistant is not only someone who dedicates 7 hours of their time to you but on average 40 hours a week so that individual should be just as valued as a team member.

Similar to other digital marketing agencies, Ryan also follows a two-step sales process with a qualification process and a discovery call for his clients.

Change your agency’s prospects – 

Davis attributes a lot of his agency’s success to the team he’s built and the focus they have on being able to execute campaigns successfully. If you’re looking to get started in freelancing or Facebook Ads, consider taking some time to read up on Davis’ story and how he’s been able to achieve success in building an effective agency.

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