Women Economic Empowerment with Gull Zeba | Bridging the Digital Gap for Women in Pakistan

Women Economic Empowerment | Bridging the Digital Gap for Women in Pakistan

Transforming Education and Empowering Women: Gull Zeba’s Trailblazing Contributions in Pakistan

Meet Gull Zeba, who aspires to make a difference in Pakistan’s economy through her contributions. As the founder of RedMarker Systems and Hamkaar Ventures, she hopes to shift the norms and challenge the boundaries of Educational institutions and leads the fight for women empowerment.

Gull Zeba created RedMarker Systems to change assessment criteria and digitize it. Today it is a leading digital assessment provider in Pakistan with over 25 million questions marked. 

Apart from RedMarkerSystems, Gull Zeba started Hamkaar Ventures to enable women to break free from the shackles of societal norms and limited education opportunities. She firmly believes in facilitating women by providing them with equal opportunities in Pakistan. 

Gull Zeba’s unwavering motivation to challenge predefined norms in the education sector and promote women’s empowerment has positioned her as a catalyst for change, inspiring others to join her transformative journey.

Transforming Pakistan’s Examination System: Gull Zeba’s Journey to Digitalize Assessment Criteria with RedMarker Systems

Gull Zeba’s Education technology mission-driven story began in 2003 with multiple test drives running, leading her to question Pakistan’s current examination system. 

As she elaborates, the real issue stems from assessment criteria in educational institutions. After analyzing the multiple examination boards and techniques, she studied assessment criteria and the curriculum with examination processing systems.

Initially, the educational system value chain was manual, but Gul took the initiative to move to a digital system. With this digitalization, RedMarker Systems became one of the first companies working with Pakistan’s public sector.

Bridging the Gender Gap: Empowering Women Digitally for a More Inclusive Future

Understanding the immense potential and untapped talent within the female population, Gull Zeba firmly believes that by increasing women’s participation in the workforce, Pakistan’s economic health can witness significant advancements.

Gull has successfully trained over 7000+ women on the system, providing them with essential skills and knowledge through remote facilitation.

Recognizing the financial struggles many women face and the need for mentorship when starting small businesses, Gull established a supportive community within her initiative. 

This community fosters collective growth and provides a platform for women to seek guidance, overcome cultural and social barriers, and actively pursue their entrepreneurial aspirations.

Gull Zeba’s approach is driven by a solution-oriented mindset, focusing on practical measures to uplift women and create an environment conducive to their success. Her efforts extend far beyond individual achievements, as she envisions a society where women’s collective progress fuels the nation’s overall growth.

RedMarker Systems: Revolutionizing Assessment Criteria for Enhanced Educational Excellence

Through RedMarker Systems, Gull Zeba has dedicated herself to addressing a crucial issue: student learning and its improvement within educational institutions.

Beyond assessment, Gull has actively pursued the development of institutions, aiming to create an environment that fosters optimal learning experiences. Recognizing the interconnectedness of student learning, teacher professional development has been a key focus for her.

She strives to create a positive ripple effect that benefits students and educational institutions by empowering educators with the necessary tools and techniques.

Establishing herself in this domain has been challenging. Gull’s pioneering efforts required perseverance and determination in a landscape where such initiatives were relatively unexplored in Pakistan.

Driving Digital Inclusion: Gull Zeba’s Mission to Bridge the Education Gap and Empower Women Entrepreneurs

Gull Zeba, a visionary leader, is trying to bridge the digital gap in the education system while empowering women entrepreneurs to become success stories. 

Through her initiative, Hamkaar Ventures, Gull aims to provide invaluable support to women by assisting them in maintaining product quality and establishing robust supply chains. By doing so, she not only opens doors to new opportunities but also helps foster sustainable growth and long-term success for aspiring women entrepreneurs.

Gull’s passion for transforming the educational system and advocating for women’s empowerment has inspired others and paved the way for a brighter, more inclusive future. Her remarkable efforts serve as a testament to the transformative power of entrepreneurship and the profound impact it can have on society.

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