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CEO & Co-Founder of RepStack

Azhar Siddiqui - CEO RepStack

My name is Azhar Siddiqui, I am the CEO & Co-Founder of RepStack

There are plenty of agencies out there surviving at $10k a month. They don’t have processes, enough leads, clients, and most importantly, the right human resources. I aim to help them scale and double their income so they can get out of the rat race which is why I started RepStack.

My job is to help you scale your business by hiring for these key roles: 

                        Marketing Assistants – Sales Development Reps – Account Managers

I am going to teach you how to hire the right talent, set up processes inside your marketing agency, and retain clients to deliver amazing & systemized results. My Book Hiring Secrets For Digital Marketing Agencies reveals the key strategies that drive a million dollar agency.

I don’t know where you are in your Agency journey. But I promise that after reading this book you’ll be on the right path and be able to scale to 7 figures.

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