Building A Digital Marketing Agency Which Aligns With Your Passion

Building A Digital Marketing Agency Which Aligns With Your Passion

From Passion to Leadership: April Edwards’ Marketing Journey

Meet April Edwards, CEO at Deck Builder Marketers. April got her start in marketing as a passionate website builder who wanted to do things better than others in the business.  

Her ambition and drive to perfect intricacies in building websites, generating traffic, and more led her to start her own agency. 

Being new in the agency world, April felt a bit overwhelmed. After all, making a name for yourself in an industry where you’re not yet seen as an expert can be pretty daunting. But she embraced that challenge, and tackled it head-on!

Today, it has been two years since the inception of Deck Builder Marketers, It’s now a thriving digital marketing agency specializing in traffic generation in the deck-building niche.

Embarking on the Journey: Venturing into the Marketing World

From the get-go, April found herself drawn to the fascinating world of web development and programming. Little did she know that this exploration would serve as a launchpad to an extraordinary career. 

Her first job marked the inception of her digital adventures, where she ventured into crafting avatars for the then-popular MSN Messenger. 

April’s Journey to Transforming Business for the Better

While April was building websites as a freelancer, she quickly realized she had to do something to make a bigger impact. Her motivation for starting her own agency was to seize the opportunity to be better than others.

“I was building things that I put a lot of effort into, but they just sat there and collected dust – I wanted the websites that I built to make an impact, but I realized without SEO and without traffic to the site, it was just a Digital Business Card

April is proud of how she has been able to retain long-term clients since her freelancing days; she came to success because of her passion for helping local small to medium-sized businesses in the deck-building niche in California.

When April decided to take the plunge into Marketing and establish her own agency. Her mission was crystal clear: to provide nothing less than perfection to her clients. For April, mediocrity was simply not an option.

“From the moment someone finds you on a search engine, what does your copy look like…First impressions are really important” 

Her agency, Deck Builder Marketers, prioritizes quality design and user experience to create a strong first impression for clients’ businesses. When you position yourself as a business, your website copy and intricate details of your website all narrow it down to how good of a service you provide to your clients.

The Power of Precision: How Niche Marketing Creates a Bigger Impact

When you start out a business, it’s easy to get lost in your core purpose. Many agency owners wear multiple hats and are unable to scale because they have to do too many things at once.

“When you can really specialize in something, you can really get better at your craft… We were really great at these custom strategies for our clients. We couldn’t really give it our 150% because all these businesses were different”

Once you have your niche figured out and it perfectly aligns with your passion, you can be supercharged for success. Similarly, what April did with Deck Builder Marketers was to narrow their focus, which allowed them to refine their strategies and customize their approach for each client.

Deck Builder Marketers: Building A Team & Marketing Strategies

April’s marketing journey was marked by a combination of strategies that eventually bore fruit. She leveraged platforms like Facebook Ads and engaged her audience with compelling video content, including webinars.

Active networking within relevant Facebook groups helped her connect with potential clients and industry peers. 

“Now, after 2+ years, we are able to get inbound leads on our own, but it all took a lot of work in the beginning”

April’s team consists of operations managers, project managers, SEO specialists, PPC, copywriters, social ads, and social media developers, all of whom contribute to the marketing efforts within their domains. 

Passion-Driven Success: The Key to Thriving in Business

Building a business from scratch is no easy feat. If you’re not following your passion and aligning that with what you do, it is easy to experience burnout because of the multiple hats you have to wear. 

Whether it’s managing operations or projects or overseeing marketing strategies for your agency, when you build a business that you’re passionate about, you’re more likely to find success!

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