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Agency Partnerships: The Key to Success ft Diverse Recruiting Experts

Take the plunge and partner up as an Agency Owner

Jeff Fisher and Cody Horton had been acquainted with each other back when they were in the navy: It was not long after that they decided to join hands in partnership by starting Diverse Recruiting Experts. With over 9 years of experience in the digital marketing industry, their natural connection to work together was what provided them with an excellent opportunity.

Jeff and his partner had always had that entrepreneurial bug, so when they started their own agency it was a natural step for them. As a coach with more than 3 years of experience Jeff knew how to build and manage teams.

“When you’re trying to build something always have something to talk about,” says Jeff. This narrative for success can aid you to manifest working together and make an impact to change lives.

Today, Diverse Recruiting Experts aims to connect great people with great opportunities. Cody Horton, the managing director, and Jeff Fisher, the director of operations have partnered together to build and scale their agency.

Agency Partnership Insights with Cody Horton & Jeff Fisher 

In this podcast, Cody, and Jeff as a team share their top insights on how their experience of running an agency as a partnership has informed them of some valuable tips.

When you start your agency out, it is crucial that you build your team, it’s all about “looking for the right people at the right time”

If you’re like Jeff and always had the entrepreneurial bug, a lot of thinking went into how this partnership could benefit your agency. Jeff shares how he was as young as 10 years of age when he aspired to be an entrepreneur and have his own business. 

This drive propelled him to do things his own way – his enthusiasm at such a young age made it possible for him to acquire multiple experiences ranging from managing small businesses to corporate jobs.

Jeff had to come to terms with a bit of a mindset shift when it came to marketing as the budget for diverse recruiting experts was different. This journey was exciting for them as they believe they are steadfast learners still.

Identify and Narrow your FOCUS!

Despite practicing niching down in different segments of the market, Jeff and Cody are familiar with “Riches are in the Niches”

Even in this case, it has been important to identify a niche as their core focus. It may seem on the surface that the niche for their agency is diversity however that may not be necessarily true. As they plan for the future they want to be part of the SAAS industry in the long term.

“You’re also building out your equity as you build out your niche,” says Jeff. What this means is that by being in a particular niche and being an expert you’re making yourself more credible. Jeff and Cody are a testament to this, as they’re doing a great job connecting with people in this space.

“You can enable agency owner to scale with your services” says Cody. There’s a lot of power in forming the niche and to strengthen your connections. You can avoid churn this way by identifying your niche and being relevant to your agency’s vision.

Close Sales – Take advantage of your USP!

Many agency owners struggle with Sales and even Account Management, Here’s what Diverse Recruiting Experts Sales process consists of: Cody mentions how for their agency a lot of the sales come from long-term relationships. It would be a wise choice to invest in these: a lot of the people who come from Sales want to know what your USP or Unique Selling Proposition is.

“A message that’s compelling and makes people ask tell me more about this” says Cody. So as an agency owner, he never feels like its selling but more organic but solving problems. In turn, these lead to high-value offers and transactions that are rewarding.

The WHY for building Diverse Recruiting Experts – 

Cody says the core mission for starting this agency was to empower people and act as a liaison by connecting great people with good company. With the journey that led them here, they are proud to be making an impact to change people’s lives.

The why was to connect great people with great opportunities. To prevent the marginalized individuals to against any unfair disadvantage that limits their opportunities in the job market.

Additionally, they want those people to do what they really want for themselves and achieve some milestones that would have envisioned. Jeff knows he had always visualized building out an agency like this that helped people, so as a leader he was able to set the pace himself.


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