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Architect turned Digital Marketer – Marketing Agency growth tips ft. Jason Lockhart

In this episode, get to know Texan Jason Lockhart, founder of Kitchen and Bath Marketing Solutions, a digital marketing agency offering services tailored to the interior design and home remodeling industry. Today he gives an insight into his journey from an architect, to a college professor for ten years, and from there a successful digital marketing agency owner.

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Jason describes learning everything about digital marketing similar to drinking water from a fire hose. He spent four months in 2012 learning everything he could in preparation for teaching students about digital marketing. He went to every popular seminar to get a graduate-level education in a short amount of time. 

He went on to launch an architect firm that had great success because of all the digital marketing knowledge he had. It allowed John the ability to help others improve their digital footprint. It then spiraled into him starting his own digital marketing company. With a client base already set with all of his colleagues and clients from his architect firm, he was set for success. 

The key elements discussed in this podcast include: 

  • The network of your net worth. 
  • Why referrals are important for local businesses to grow. 
  • How RepStack sales assistant Rumshal helped Jason accelerate the growth of his agency. 
  • The importance of attending seminars and having a coach. 
  • The only way to scale your business is to focus on your niche. 


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