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Master The Art Of Closing Deals ft. Justin Rondeau

Justin Rondeau’s White-Label Fulfillment Agency – Invisible PPC

Justin Rondeau’s agency Invisible PPC has helped many digital marketers with their PPC services so clients can focus on growth. Having come this far Justin has a wealth of knowledge at his disposal from training and networking and is well aware of what could work for your niche too.

As a passionate marketer for years, Justin believed in enjoying what he does despite the outcome. He later became more results-driven but when he first started out in the B2B marketing world, he was making email templates that he white-labeled for others to use. 

Never a front runner, always working behind the scenes and getting things done, he was actively involved in the digital marketing scene. But after tapping into the software development niche, he knew he was in the right place.

Why Partnerships are Critical to your Agency’s Growth 

If you’re an agency owner, partnerships are key to growth. It allows one to scale, however within a business, you need multiple areas that need work so one person does not suffice or has that broad of a skillset to deliver effectively.

Hence Justin does not recommend hiring internally which is the norm in the industry – A perfect alternative is partnering up with an agency that can bring you the results you are looking for that too for a justified economic value.

“They have a breadth of experience…You won’t be able to hire for that level of experience for the price point you’re paying”  

When you hire externally, you will be more confident about what you propose during your sales call. This way nothing holds you back from growing so that partnership can be your backbone for retaining clients in the long term.

Overall, leveraging partnerships or hiring experienced professionals are both great strategies for agency owners looking to take their businesses to the next level. With well-thought-out plans in place and teams working together efficiently, success is within reach!

Here are some quick tips Justin shared:

1. Get your basics right: Make your presence known with your content. Don’t just put generic content out there, curate it such that you can make yourself an authority figure.

2. Optimize your website: Make sure your landing page is not an endpoint.

3. Focus on your funnels: If your leads have come in through a warm funnel, put them into a follow-up sequence. Then out of those, the 10% of prospects that take your course should be directed to a call with you. 

Justin Rondeau’s Sales Process; The One Call Close Methodology 

Justin describes the sales process he uses inside his agency. It’s simply the one-call close method just as Alex Schlinksy preaches. It’s more of a consultation session where the client’s needs are addressed. 

“You can frame the conversation as you want” 

Just keep in mind how easily conversations flow once you get agency owners to talk about their business and its needs. Once you’ve warmed them up, actively present them with solutions that they can readily implement.

However, if there is a reluctance on them not wanting a partner what you can do for the downside sale is give them content: send them a free blueprint or cheatsheet that can help them. This also puts them into another email nurture sequence afterward so they may reconsider working with you.

Justin’s commitment to growth and partnerships led him to agency success

Justin Rondeau’s white-label fulfillment agency, Invisible PPC, is revolutionizing the digital marketing industry. With a commitment to helping those in need and offering his valuable insights through active conversations, Rondeau is quickly becoming a leader in the field. 

With a wealth of knowledge and experience at his disposal, Justin Rondeau’s tips are sure to guide you.

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