It was exciting to talk about John Victoria’s journey and how at such a young age, he manages the day-to-day of his business! Owner of the digital marketing agency, Pollianas, the service-based business that offers the whole nine yards from websites to marketing campaigns, he started his business in 2016 and has already grown it to over seven figures. John is still in his 20s and crushing it every day with Account Managers for digital marketing agencies. 

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Who is John Victoria?

John started his business at the tender age of twenty. It was challenging initially because he had no prior business experience, but with time and a few good mentors, John managed to not only sustain his business but scale it to seven figures! 

Growing up in a family where all the men were in the Navy, John followed in those footsteps by attending the Navy academy for officers. It was through this experience that John realized he wanted more for his life. He dove into the internet world to learn online sales and self-development through mastermind groups. 

One of John’s core values is always looking towards the next possibility. For this podcast, his intention was to create that door of new opportunities for all of the viewers and listeners. His wealth of knowledge at such a young age will benefit any digital marketing agency owner. 

The key elements discussed in this podcast include: 


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