Grow Your Agency with Janusz Stabik: Mastermind Coach on Recruitment, Marketing & Strategy

Grow Your Agency with Janusz Stabik: Mastermind Coach on Recruitment, Marketing & Strategy

Grow your Digital Marketing Agency with Janusz Stabik

Starting an agency can be your perfect career path if you’re passionate about digital marketing and want to be your own boss. Janusz Stabik, owner of speaks from experience as he knows of the courage it takes to jump into agency ownership. 

With over 15 years of guiding agency owners and helping them overcome the bottlenecks inside their agency as a mentor, he shares how many have an entrepreneurial mindset that is a common factor to excel towards growth. As a former consultant, he started out in the agency world by networking and acquiring great wisdom.

Today,, also known as Grow Your Digital Agency, is a B2B agency that focuses on strategy, retention, and growth for agencies. This consultancy business coaches agency owners and navigates them to make informed decisions regarding recruitment, marketing, and process streamlining.


Breaking Through Plateaus: Overcoming Bottlenecks for Successful Agency Growth

Agency growth is a topic of great interest to many entrepreneurs and business owners. As Janusz Stabik, a successful agency owner, has pointed out, growth means more than just financial freedom; it also means getting your time back. However, achieving this level of growth requires a mindset shift, which can be risky.

To break the cycle of working long hours and never being able to take a break, agency owners must be willing to take calculated risks. This can be daunting, but it’s a necessary step if you want to achieve growth.

Janusz talks about the 3 bottlenecks that agency owners may be susceptible to:

1. How To Avoid A Flat Plateau

One of the biggest bottlenecks that agency owners face is the risk of plateauing. Becoming complacent and falling short of your goals can be easy when your agency grows. Additionally, external factors such as market changes or economic downturns can also affect profitability.

“Shortcut the plateaus this time because I can see it coming,” says Janusz Stabik of being able to foresee factors that may negatively impact his agency’s success. 

2. Gauge Your Client’s Needs

As an agency owner, you need to be at the forefront of your client’s current needs and provide them with the best possible solution. Most agencies specialize in some areas where they may provide the best service, but it’s not always possible for them to be the best in everything they do.

3. Perfect Your Business Model

Think of the long-term strategy when things are going great, and maintain a level of consistency when it comes to challenging yourself. If you have a team and processes that pivot you towards growth, always think of the unexpected. Stay vigilant and maintain accountability to redeem your success.

Accelerate Your Agency’s Growth with Janusz Stabik

Janusz Stabik points out how important it is to have diverse thinking within your team; when you have conflicting opinions and brainstorm ideas, there is a lot of growth when you put in the effort to understand that an opposite approach could have a different outcome.

Have a laser-sharp focus when it comes to your niche. This golden rule can pave the path to success. When you target a broad audience you have to put in more effort and work; sometimes those resources could become redundant. 

However, positioning your agency in a specific niche can make attracting clients easier and establish yourself as an expert in that area. Once you have defined your niche, developing a long-term strategy is important. Consider what you want to achieve in terms of lead generation, how your system and processes work, and what marketing tactics you can use to reach your goals. Predicting the future can be challenging, but having a solid plan in place can help you stay focused and make informed decisions.

Recruitment is another important factor to consider when growing your agency. Janusz Stabik advises agency owners to have a recruitment strategy in place that not only attracts top talent but also aligns with their agency’s culture and values. Finding the right team members can help you scale your agency and provide better client service.

Achieving Growth and Success in Your Digital Marketing Agency: Implement Key Strategies

Growing a digital marketing agency takes hard work, dedication, and a clear strategy. You can achieve success and financial freedom by defining your niche, developing a long-term plan, recruiting the right team members, and marketing your agency effectively. 

As Janusz Stabik says, “If you enjoy what you do, you never work a day in your life.” So go out there and grow your digital marketing agency!

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