How to Grow Your Digital Marketing Agency Using Cold Calling in 2023 with James Jacobi

How to Grow Your Digital Marketing Agency Using Cold Calling in 2023 with James Jacobi

Elevate Your Growth with Ascend’s Expert Coach, James Jacobi

James Jacobi, founder of Ascend, specializes in coaching and consulting for digital marketing agencies. With his extensive experience running a done-for-you sales agency, James keenly identifies bottlenecks hindering agency growth.

When it comes to an agency’s health, the monthly recurring revenue, profitability, and revenue generated all point towards how well an agency owner is doing in their agency journey, as these make up the pulse of any agency.

James has adopted a proactive approach to diagnosing these issues and offers effective coaching to overcome them. James firmly believes that having a good CRM system in place is key for success in the industry, whether your client base consists of funded start-ups or multi-million dollar companies.

Today, Ascend offers digital sales enablement resources for agencies with a competitive edge in sales, marketing and digital disruption.

Master the Art of Lead Funnels: Marketing Qualified Leads vs. Sales Qualified Leads

As a digital marketer who is well-versed in the effectiveness of marketing strategies, James shares how Outbound Marketing may only work if done correctly. 

A key is shortlisting your leads and then closing those deals but integrating multiple sales processes along the way. 

James distinguishes a Lead Funnel into Marketing Qualified Leads vs. Sales Qualified Leads

The Marketing Qualified Leads or top-of-the-funnel leads are all the leads from ads and social media. These reside at the top as the term well describes and measures the lead sources. After analyzing these leads, it is for you to analyze which of these leads can be successfully converted into a sale.

The Sales Qualified Leads comprise the number of qualified leads that can really be closed. A crucial part often overlooked by agency owners is: What is the number you close?

Many agency owners need to be equipped to handle sales calls well. When a salesperson first jumps on a call with the client, the real question is: Can they diagnose their pain points well and offer advice on every call?

The key is converting as many Marketing Qualified Leads to Sales Qualified Leads as possible, determining the success rate. However, when it comes to these leads, there’s still so much to learn about them, such as: What outcomes they want to achieve or whether they are the right fit?

Master Cold Calling: Transform Sales Opportunities into Conversations

When it comes to Cold Calling, James advises the same strategy he uses for his agency. Within the first few minutes of opening the call, seize the opportunity to turn it into a conversation instead of just selling to them. 

Whether you have a one-call close method or a two-step sales strategy, your sales pitch is the one that makes all the difference.

However, if you still don’t manage to close them, These Marketing Qualified Leads can be followed up on later on to close them. The turnaround here is how no leads are a complete waste and can be reengaged into your pipeline.

“That’s like 10% of your sales; if people don’t wanna buy from you, it just means that they don’t wanna buy from you right now” – Mentions James on how agency owners should not just discard disqualified leads and always follow up on them.

It’s always good to come from a position of authority and warm them up with Cold Outreach Email Campaigns. To be more credible, one needs to make their relevance known to the client so they are familiar with you or even share the same network.

Elevate Sales and Unlock Growth with James Jacobi’s Expert Coaching

James Jacobi’s expertise in training and coaching agency owners has proven invaluable for those seeking to enhance their sales performance and marketing strategies. With a comprehensive framework for better marketing, James guides his clients out of sales ruts and helps B2B agencies and SAAS companies thrive. 

Having achieved remarkable success in his business, James specializes in coaching and consulting for firms aiming to surpass the seven-figure mark.

By leveraging James Jacobi’s insights and strategies, agency owners can elevate their sales and unlock new growth opportunities.

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