How to Build a World-class Sales Team and Remove Yourself from the Sales Process

How to Build a World-Class Sales Team and Remove Yourself from the Sales Process

Revolutionize Your Agency: Key Steps to Automate Your Sales Process using a Sales Team and Reclaim Your Time as an Agency Owner!

Hey there, fellow agency owner! 

I totally get it – managing a whole week as an agency owner can feel like a never-ending rollercoaster ride. The constant juggle between sales and marketing can be exhausting, right?

But guess what? 

I’ve got a game-changing solution for you

Picture this: You can finally remove yourself from the sales process by simply automating it using a sales team.

Here are the 5 keys you need to know:

Enough Deal Flow?

The general rule of thumb for your agency is that when you have enough deal flow, you can simply categorize your SDRs based on these 3 Main Roles.

1.     Hunter/Cold Prospector

This type of salesperson has the potential to grow your business from the ground up but won’t typically follow your process or sell to the same clients you want. They consider pay based on base salary and commission, 10% of revenue.

2.     Lead Followup/Appointment Setter

If you have a CRM system set up with inbound leads coming, this is the salesperson for you. They will typically follow up on sales opportunities they present themselves and set appointments for you.

3.     Closer/Consultative Sales Person

This salesperson covers consultative sales sessions on your behalf. Once you’re well on your way to building a streamlined sales process, they are responsible for closing deals.

Dial In Your Appointment Process

The ultimate agency consists of 3 steps you can take to streamline your appointment process

1.     Opt-in

Your sources of opt-ins are paid ads or social media sites such as Facebook or linked in. Get the ball rolling in your sales system by activating your paid ads.

2.     Appointment

Give your prospects a reminder of their appointment via text messaging and emails. This ensures that you can reduce the number of no-shows.

3.     Hot Lead Follow-Up

Make use of direct mail testimonials that show clients results-driven content so they are more likely to convert.

Map Out the Role and Opportunity

When you’re hiring for your SDR role, make sure to have the following:

1.     Position Description and Expectations

Have a JD ready that defines what the role entails. Here’s a sample JD for an agency that closes, on average, 10+ deals per month.

Sales Team Postion Description and Expectations

2.     Recruit Your Sales Rockstar

Use the best hiring platforms to hire the top talent for your agency.

SDR Job Posting

3.     Train and Onboard your Closer

As you finally hire your new SDR, it is important to brief them on the SOPs that you follow in your Sales sessions. As a good practice, make them listen to:

  • 10-15 sales calls
  • Provide them with successful recordings so they become more familiarised with your sales process
  • A Role Play Session to enhance their negotiation skills
  • Ensure they are client-ready and maintain an executive presence.

4.     Role Play and Coach

Ensure your sales team lead guides your new SDRs into the role: practice communication eloquently and conduct sales role plays for more proactive responses.


5.     Tracking and Measurement

It is essential to set KPIs when measuring performance for your sales team. When you set KPIs, your SDRs can work towards meeting those goals by dividing them into smaller milestones and giving updates as they work towards them. This will help you analyze what needs to be improved in your sales process.

Here are a few steps to help you track your sales team:

  • Set up Tracking Dashboard
  • How many meetings this month
  • Closing ratio

Sales Tracking Numbers

Ongoing Leadership and Management

·       Weekly Meetings

It’s best to stay organized and connected when it comes to leading and managing a team by holding weekly meetings to encourage everyone to collaborate and stay on the same page.

·       EOD reports

Sharing end-of-day reports is another practice we follow, as it helps everyone know what’s happening day-to-day and keeps things transparent. Our salespeople’s development is crucial, so we make sure they receive regular training.

Sales End of Day Report

·       Training your salesperson

This sharpens their skills and keeps them up-to-date with the industry. This all-around approach ensures that our team is adaptable and well-informed, ready to take on whatever challenges come our way in the business world.

Strategizing for Success: Let Your Sales Team Win!

It’s time to put those brilliant minds to work! Sit down together and map out your plan of action. What are the key steps that need automation? Brainstorm, discuss, and fine-tune until you’ve got a solid roadmap and hire sales reps to work their magic.

Drumroll, please – it’s automation time! Implement your plan, integrate the right tools, and let the magic unfold. Watch as your sales process becomes smoother than ever before.

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