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Lane Houk: Leading the Way with Innovative White Label Agency Solutions

Lane Houk Raises the Bar with His Own Two Agencies Quantum and Signal Genesys!

Lane Houk isn’t content with just running one agency – he owns TWO. Showing great foresight, Lane made the leap into this niche back in 2019 and has been providing innovative solutions ever since! 

As a white-label agency owner, he started out with just 10 to 15 people but has quickly expanded to being a productive team of 25. With a laser focus on hiring and training virtually, he was able to build out a system within just 5 years.

Signal Genesys is a white-label Digital PR, SEO, and Web Presence software engine built for agencies who want to move the needle in the map and organic rankings while providing more value and deliverables to clients for greater retention.

Why Lane Houk swapped his 9 to 5 for greater financial freedom

With the 9-5 grind failing to satisfy Lane Houk, he sought something bigger and better – a path toward freedom. He eventually made it work as an agency owner which enabled not only valuable quality time with his family but also was able to grow with a closely-knit community of co-workers.

Hence, his growth not only was fulfilling for him as an individual but also for his work team with whom he was able to nurture good relationships.

Building out a team can be tough, you always need to have the right people who fit into those roles such as Sales, Account Managers, and Marketing Assistants.

Foster strong relationships to push growth – Build out your network!

Lane is taking full advantage of the resources available to him with a focus on growing and providing value. Through agency partnerships, networking activities and other initiatives, he’s diligently working towards building an efficient sales process for his team – all without expecting compensation in return.

“Your network is directly tied to the amount of people that you have helped”

Working hard at developing strong relationships within your community pays off; when people understand how much you offer them as a valuable resource they will start recognising authority and trustworthiness that can open up new opportunities!

Lane has a knack for growing his business in an organic way. He uses modern tactics such as tapping into Instagram and Facebook, plus working with masterminds to maximise the potential of this growth.

Make the cut – Why choosing the right clients is a deal breaker.

Building a strong team and encouraging an empowering culture are keys to success, but it’s just as important to ensure the clients coming in are a good fit. With the wrong clientele, even your best efforts will be put at risk.

You can always build out great teams and even integrate a culture that empowers your whole team that represents your core values but if you’re not bringing in the right clients like those that are a great fit to service, you’re putting your team at a great disadvantage.

“I look for good people to work with rather than logistical situations”

When your clients are receptive and responsive in the right manner, you can always proactively work together to bring them solutions; however without the right kind of communication their reviews may cause losses.

The simpler your onboarding is – the more likely you can win clients.

Lane tries his best to make his client onboarding process simple, he absolves the clients from any contracts and reduces the barriers for them to work.. Hence clients readily sign up with his agency for projects and throughout the process it is ensured that their growth is well supported.

To sum up Lane’s agency journey here are his top insights:

  • You can grow your business more quickly and organically by focusing on building your network.
  • Narrow down from a generalist agency for bigger gains.
  • Partnerships can aid and expedite growth.
  • Being an authority figure makes it easier to connect with potential customers.
  • Keep your onboarding process simple – Avoid difficult barriers to entry so that more clients are likely to pick you.
Break the status quo – Take the leap of faith as an agency owner

After years of pushing the status quo, Lane was determined to break through the boundaries that had long kept him in an unsatisfying 9-to-5 job. Now as the owner of two agencies he’s finally able to redeem financial freedom as well as represent a true success story.

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