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LinkedIn Cold Outreach Messaging: Tips for Connecting With Others Properly

LinkedIn is the premium business-based social networking site that makes finding professionals for any type of job extremely easy. For new users who are dying to get into the scene of work as either a fresh graduate or someone who has been out of work for a while, this site can be of great help for your professional career. This can be a great tool for cold outreach too. 

Think about the time you were a new kid on the first day of school. You likely did not know a single person in the class, so you had two choices. The first being to approach kids and try to make new friends, or sit by yourself at lunch every day. The job world is kind of like that. When you are selling your skillset and profile to an employer, they don’t know you and you don’t know them, which means you need to make an effort to get to know them or completely miss out. 

When reaching out on LinkedIn, RepStack has some of the best advice for outbound sales on your page. Utilize some of these and land a job in no time!

Find Common Ground

The best part about LinkedIn’s platform is that it is so streamlined that you will be able to find common information with employers and other people quickly. Whether it be the nature of their job role, work history, where they went to college and high school, and their interests. When messaging others on LinkedIn, having commonalities is an essential tool for having a great conversation that can land the best results. 

Take note of whether you are from the same area, if their skillsets match yours, or if you attended the same university. Pay attention to details, as reaching out to people with generic messages is not exactly what they want to waste their time with. Place something you two have in common so that you can have an interesting conversation that isn’t a hi-hello-bye type of thing. When people see that you paid attention to their profile, it’ll make them feel great and warm up to you more. 

Check For Mutual Connections

In the job world, referrals are stronger than anything. If someone can put in a good word for you and vouch that you are someone who can be an asset to their organization, this will land you a job nine times out of ten. If you see any common connections, such as a close friend or a co-worker you had, try to reach out for a coffee and ask them politely if they can refer you as a potential member. 

If that isn’t possible, include that mutual friend of yours in the message to the person, such as stating how you noticed that they were connected and you thought it would be a great idea to reach out as well. Make it casual and non-invasive, and you should be good!

Make It Short But Sweet

When you think of LinkedIn, try to think of it as instant messaging and the social media form of an email thread. It should have a degree of formality, but try not to send paragraphs and long messages that take a while to read. Keep it casual and make messages short enough to read on a work break. 

Don’t Sell Right Away

Selling as a first message is a deadly sin in the world of business. Don’t go begging to sell your product or your resume to a stranger, as this turns them off almost all the time. Warm-up to them by crafting a conversation that starts out without them thinking you’re about to sell them something. 


These are some tips that we have when it comes to traversing the vast ocean of LinkedIn profiles. Remember to keep things casual, but with a dash of professionalism, as LinkedIn is still deeply embedded in the professional work culture even if it is a social networking site. Make people comfortable and use your people skills well and you will be greatly rewarded for it. 

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