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5 Reasons Why Telephones Are Essential for Sales Development

Phones are the most powerful tools, when it comes to sales and development in any company or organization.

 The digital age has made many things obsolete in just a few years. Payphones, phone books, and fax machines have largely fallen out of mainstream use thanks to the availability of smartphones and modern communication technology. These facts have probably convinced cold calling sales reps to eschew reaching your target market via telephone altogether.

However, the truth is that the strategic use of the telephone can improve sales development. By using it frequently and with purpose, you’ll be enjoying high-quality leads that are prime for conversion. Here are five reasons you shouldn’t let go of your telephone just yet: 

1. People Still Use Their Telephones

Many people believe nowadays that their prospects aren’t answering their telephones, nor are they using them. Although most communication happens over smartphones and the Internet, many people still use their telephones—they just might not be around to answer the call. It’s still popular enough not to drop it from your sales strategy just yet.

2. First Impressions Matter

Each time you call, your prospects know, even if they don’t pick up. The same goes for when you leave a voicemail, do a cold outreach on LinkedIn, or send an email—your prospects know about it, they just don’t choose to engage immediately. However, if you try again, that increases the chance they’ll respond. Your next impression, whether it’s an email or in-person meeting, will likely lead to a conversation and into a conversion. 

3. Frequent Phone Calls Do The Trick

Reaching out just once and leaving a voicemail message rarely works. It takes several attempts to make a prospect respond, so calling them once isn’t enough. Conduct extensive A/B testing to find the most effective methods at eliciting your prospects’ response. This test can include four phone calls and a few emails. It won’t be easy, but it’ll be worth it in the end.

4. It Adds To Brand Awareness

Calling your prospects through the telephone will help them recognize your brand while spurring interest and engagement. If you use the same channel eight times, your prospects will likely ignore you. However, if you use two or three channels, your prospects will remember you better. If they see your company on caller ID, see your voicemail on their inbox, and see an email from you, they might be curious about your business and engage with you.

5. Voicemails Increase Email Open Rates

If you sequence a voicemail right before sending out a follow-up email to your prospects, they’re more likely to open that email. That chance increases by 20 percent if you leave a voicemail! Candidates believe that they save time by checking out your email instead of listening to your voicemail and reading your email. If your email references the content in the voicemail you left, that engagement increases even more.


Although telephones may seem like aging technology, the truth is that they’re still essential to several aspects of business, like sales development. Numerous success stories were made possible by using the telephone, and you can replicate these results with these five tips. Once you’ve given these a try, you’ll be increasing your response rate, leading to even more growth and triumph for your company. 

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